Thursday, April 30, 2009

Journal 1 - New Moon Twilight

The twilight is like a whore's blue eye shadow with
its liquid tongue licking down through the smelly fog
rancid with last night's liquor bottles turned inside
out and emptied with last night's trash, reeking
with the stale ashtrays of neglected cigars and
foreign cigarettes – mmmmmm so cool. The shadow
created by this merry concoction of whoresome
blue wonder swirls in bitter embankments and
forlorn misguided and unrolled misgivings of
another gift ungiven. The twilight mixes with the
flaccid dawn in a furtive affair involved with the
mystery of a new moon.



This blog, as the description tries to convey, will be mostly entries from my writing journal - basically something to keep me writing at least a little every now and then. It's based on the idea of 'automatic writing,' but I've strayed a bit from the original concept. I still sit down and write one page in one sitting in my Moleskine notebook, but I sometimes pause for a second before continuing. I do try to write whatever pops into my head, which may be obvious. I don't agree with everything that comes out, and obviously some things want more development. But remember these are journal entries, not essays. Some of the entries should probably not even be posted, but...I'm basically hunting for images and phrases.

There may be other word-things posted from time to time, about various topics that wriggle out. Not sure about that; at least some poetry will surface.