Sunday, August 12, 2012

Journal 55 - Locrian Mathematics

I hear the dawn as it rises slowly from the other side of
the sleep taken world - a string quartet of early Beethoven
or perhaps Schubert's Trout Quintet. There was once a
belief that there was music in the movement of the stars
and the celestial objects in the migrating spheres - a
profound mathematical journey through the contemporary mystical
harmonies of the Pentatonic or Locrian scales. I want to
have ears to hear (or even postulate the hearing) sweet
notes of cello and violin and viola and flute and horn -
accompaniments are important when music is projected
upon the material scientific world unfalsified until
a falsification comes along. The foundation of science is
not science but philosophy drawn with pink chalk on
the black/green board and a squiggly-line bottom - shaded
they say with self-evident assumptions. Self-evident
like Euclid's 5th postulate. I've wandered from the path
like a pledge in the woods at night carrying a bar of soap
carved into a cross - circumambulating the central meeting
place waiting for more circumventing patrons/colleagues
the protentious moral is self-discovery not wondering the
abandoned campus like an independent looking after his
overdosed roommate passed out on the cold marble floor
like a sack of flour. Independence is the marketing
dream of the pro-bono intern determined to prove his
worth is in his ideas and not his treatment of the
other employees. Ideas are like assholes and feet. Everyone
has one or two, waiting to shove themselves into your
world like a rat taking cover under the warm wet ecosystem
thriving under the house - crawl spaces are for the self-
sacrificing ants of the world. Unknown, hard workers,
keepers of the status-quo. One can only hope these
immature poems can be transformed and re-created
as I have the originals of course. My eyes are open
and closed like a 2 year old with no nap and lost
playing at the Zoo. Tricks to get in the zoo and bypass
the rules of family and not is being blurred by
serious Christians everywhere. The sad thing is that I'm
with it - I'm with the changes and re-assignments - as
long as it's something new and changed.


p.s. - this one makes absolutely no sense.