Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Journal 12 – Rainbows and Knowledge

Saturn raised his ringed head in defiance of nectar
dripping from Jupiter's last lick of the tongue
polishing off the last dish of ambrosia. Knowledge is
a tricky subtle elusive object. When do we know
we know that knowledge is elusive? When does
the yellow school bus really appropriate yellowness?
Inching along with misplaced keys I wonder if I
know my location at all. Is it ever consistent or
coherent? Does it correspond to the chatter I
receive through various wet channels? I know when
the fire is hot; I know when the road is turning. Do
I? I believe in the past I experienced a now faint
feeling of hot pain when grasping the blue of the
fire; I remember not crashing into that other
car thingy that looks like mine. They say crashes
can be deadly. We believe. Do we know? These
questions are simple and formulaic I know. What?
I know questions about knowledge are formulaic?
Knowledge is a shadow flashing in the corner of our
eye – brief enough to alert us to its presence
but fleeting enough to not sit still and be owned
or possessed. So we grasp at lightening and call
ourselves enlightened. How nice. There are so
many things we know except the foundation and
truth of knowledge. But ah I have God – the
great coordinator and linker. I know I'm sleepy
or I feel sleepy? Sleepy like a hound dog. Nodding
off is such a delicious treat. No knowledge but
words talking of no knowledge. Meaning? What
is meaning; what is what; what is is? What
happened to receptive reason? Drowned in a tired
Fibonacci sequence. Symbolic logic has no meaning
but great consequence. I turned the wet leaf
over in my hand and watched it stick like a
strip of scotch tape – yet colorful in its late autumn
death; science stands strong with raised sickle
in hand – slicing the beauty of the wet leaf on my
hand into the beauty of hydrogen oxygen and other
ostensive molecules – cold philosophy unweaves ten
thousand rainbows leaving us without a foundation
of knowledge.


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