Thursday, March 26, 2015

Constipated Words

Life passes through our words
constipated like a bowel movement
stuck in its scratchy reluctance
to breathe the same smoky air
the periwinkle trails wreathe,
resisting the green and the pearly white,
the scarlet-scattering dim moon light.

Our words may be tight and brown
smushed between our lofty eyes, but
this world was built on ancient words -
musical notes that formed fierce waves
in beautiful orders, rising and falling
sharp and flat in interweaving winds,
like a familiar song in the woods
at dawn, with warblers hopping one tiny
branch to another in yellow bursts -

these world creating words descended
upon our thrashing wave thrown world
like a counter-balancing tsunami,
where wave and trough cancel each other
in opposing sines. These scenic
words spawned dew from the spray of the
highest land-breaking wave, drifting
with the salt and the semen of life
toward the slow drying mud lands,
growing the curious mud people.

Bring me to these forgotten forlorn
worlds, waves of warbler wafted words
creating the moss and the lichen, the
rusted brick and algae covered gutter,
the oily ocean and the warming clouds,
pearly whites and black tar;
these blind visions of happy heaven and
gnawing hell impress me into drink,
an intoxicating mixture of slurred
creative words and duck-billed platupi,
lost between the drowned lake-weeds
and the sun-burnt rye grass - 
mistakes are the loins of creativity.

I wipe my mind with words tarnished
in yesteryear's cutting edge insights
dulled only by their recycled tedium,
the cold breath of once upon a time
sages spread their old beneficent
experiences upon our globally warmed
minds, implacable and unthawed -
our words no longer sit immobile and
contemplative...they jumble and bumble
into each other, crashing thought into
thought, lapsed like a word ex nihilo,
ex cathedra, exited in our self righteous
babbling towers of fundamental particles -
our words bounce about unbonded
by our own ancient God-imaged personness,
limping along in primordial muck
without a righteous thought to fuck...

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