Thursday, June 25, 2015

Journal 74 - Living in Cloudy White Balance

I want to live in cloudy white balance, warm and
yellow in my smiling caricature of our human exchange
of emotional and vain ideas. I am drunk and unashamed.
I've had the sweet pleasure of water and tubes
and acrobatic knees on acrobatic wakes. I can
fool ten thousand smiles at the local ephemeral
bar wrapped in its own glimpse of ecstasy and musical
joy. I am starved and thus (man?) inducted into this
lightweight ring of Kentucky-infused inebriated
blurred eye-twitching and double-centered novel
revolving around the gravitational center fo*
this God-induced single spaced single stepped simple
Gas-caddie broken image of our self-aggrandized
image. I love you all and I am seriously not kidding


* - not a typo; that's how I wrote it in my journal. You shouldn't
    find it too surprising given the rest of the completely
    non-sensical drivel in this one.

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