Sunday, July 29, 2012

Journal 51 - Serendipitous Spinning Earth

Someone asked what the word was for a word that
looked like what it meant as opposed to sounded like
what it meant - her example was 'awkward.' I guess
so. I found on-line the words 'bed' and 'letters' - I
think those are brilliant. Other than 69 of course.
Sometimes the door to creativity is blocked by weird
coral reef partnerships and heavy green algae-ridden
barnacles of feces - remaindered thought hedging in
against you - sucking out the smooth coherent currents
of thought like a whirlpool - a large mess of un-
wanted decay deterring the straight thoughts of
chairs and conversation and hammocks and dogs fetching
yellow balls in the overgrown field next door to
the large green well-kept housing-project-killing golf-
course; large masses of nonsense throw off the gravitational
direction of thought more than small simple thoughts
that are common sense to the intellectual pedestrian
pedalling along the maybank highway at less-than-normal
traffic speeds enduring the honks and taunts from
beer-sodden automobilians believing it's their turn in
the spotlight. Yeah, bikers are a conundrum of yester-
day and today making their cycling mark on the
straggling little roads that split the day between
smiling hellos and back-of-the-head growls - terror
in the face of nothing is to be feared like the tiny
gust of hurricane-impersonating winds on the compact
beach of the Eastern seaboard. If the earth is spinning
around its axis and moving around the sun - how
fast must perception in my inebriated head must
be spinning to observe it like a basketball rotating
through the still quiet arena with breaths and mouths
silent in their anticipation for a serendipitous result
to carry their hangover through another robotic work-day
of squawking birds and pestiferous woodpeckers. Yes
I'm sorry woodpeckers are an image of egomaniacal
aggravation in their wandering loud annoying repetitious
pecking. Maybe they're our closest cousin - of the
kind that counts more - psychological. Why do female
homo-sapiens imitate the animal world with their make-up faces?


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